FAQ – JazzBeautyBar


1. When will my order ship? 

Orders typically are delivered within 3 to 5 days from the day they were delivered to the postal office. We do required a signature for ALL ORDERS as a protection that the order was delivered to the correct address given by the customer. Customers will be sent an automated email containing their tracking information. We ship orders worldwide. Be sure to add the insurance to your order for added protection.

Please be advise that there is a processing time frame for ALL ORDERS to ensure orders are not fraudulent nor canceled prior to orders being fulfilled.  Our standard processing time is 2 to 3 days, starting from the day the order was place. 

 Please complete orders within an appropriate time frame so that your order may be delivered prior to when you may need them.


2. JazBeautyBar LLC ships ALL orders using USPS, United States Postal Services. Shipping for ALL orders is 3 to 5 business days through USPS standard flat rate shipping. Our shipping rate is basic on the going rate for labeling, processing, packaging through USPS.  We DO NOT offer EXPRESS shipping on ANY orders at this time. ALL Orders will REQUIRE a signature upon delivery from USPS. 

 Upon all orders being delivered and accepted by  the local USPS, JazzBeautyBar LLC is no longer responsible for the delivery time- frame for ANY ORDERS. While in our experience, orders are typically delivered within 3 to 5 business days. While we understood the importance of receiving your orders in a timely manner, We ARE NOT responsible for orders being delayed to the customers due to but not limited to the following; weather interruptions, carrier mishandling of package or failing to scan package in system, incorrect address input by customer, wrong labeling by USPS, and/or delivery to incorrect USPS facility. 

JazzBeautyBar LLC will do our best in the event of a package being loss, stolen, or has not been delivered after 7 days, in making a  claims through USPS. We will communicate with our customers throughout the claims process. We HIGHLY suggest adding insurance to your order in the evident USPS should have to offer a refund for the above mentioned situations. 


If you have any concerns regarding your order or our shipping policy please email service@jazzbeautybar.com.


3. Returns 
Once your order has been delivered and your encounter any issues, please contact us within 24 hours regarding your concerns. We unfortunately, we do not offer refunds or exchanges for any item sold on our website. However, we are committed to ensuring our clients and customers are satisfied with their purchases through JazzBeautyBar LLC. Therefore, we will do our best to accommodate you regarding your issues concerning your purchased item.

Please contact us via email if you have an issue with your item.

4. Can I Provide My Own Hair for a Custom Wig?

YES! You can send in your own extensions for your custom wig. Simply select that option on the order form. Just a reminder we do carry extensions in case you would like to use the extensions we carry at JazzBeautyBar. We do have grade 8A extensions in body wave, straight, and curly with matching frontals and closures.


4. How Well Does the Extensions Color?

Our extensions color beautifully. We advised allowing a professional to complete the coloring service. 


5. What is the longevity of your Custom Wigs?

Our custom wigs are constructed using a sewing machine that adds to the value for longevity and durability of the wig. Our custom wigs can last up to 2 years or long. Longevity does depend on the care and maintenance provided to the wig. We encourage all customers and clients to use proper maintenance to care for their custom unit to increase the longevity. We do encourage our customers to replace the lace on their custom wigs on or around month 6. Lace is a delicate piece of fabric. Therefore, over time with wear of the custom wig, the hair on the lace will thin and shed.  By replacing the lace, you are able to continue to get the maximum wear of your custom wig which is well over 2 years with maintenance and proper care. 

 To complete an order for wig maintenance which will include, replacing the lace, purchase of new lace, shampoo, conditioning and styling, please send an email to service@jazzbeautybar.com. Please be advised that if you  have to send your wig to JazzBeautyBar LLC for wig maintenance / lace replace, shipping will be at the expense of the customer. Please also note that all maintenance services require 14 days to complete. However, if you would need a quicker turn around time, we do offer a RUSH SERVICE for an additional $75.

6. Care Instructions for Custom Wig & Extensions

We recommend shampooing and conditioning- at least bi-weekly, weekly if you are actively working out. You may shampoo and condition as needed as well, if the extensions seem dryer than usual. Use lukewarm warm to wet the custom wig, apply a cleaning shampoo, lather and rinse. Second, apply a moisturizing shampoo, lather, and rinse.Lastly, apply a conditioner, allow to sit around 20 to 30 minutes. For best results, allow custom wig to air dry over night or sit under a hood dryer. We also recommend setting your ideal part while the wig is wet. If you are wearing the wig daily, sewn down, be sure to use a silk scarf or bonnet at night. If you are actively working out, we recommend NOT working out in your custom wig but we understand your preference if you choose too. As a reminder We provide all orders with care instructional cards.


7. Can I wear a custom wig if it's my first time?

YES!!!!  If this is your first custom wig, please read our Wig 101 information for our recommendations on the ideal custom wig you should choose from.


8. How Secure are your Custom Wigs?

All custom wigs are individually constructed according to your personal measurements. Therefore, each wig will fit snug. However, you do have options for additional security.
  • Using needle and thread- stitch throughout the wig including the closure or frontal
  • Use an adhesive- we HIGHLY recommend bold hold products
  • Use an elastic band
9. Can I complete a Consultation prior to purchasing?
YES! We do complete consultations for all customers and clients who are interested in a custom wig. You may schedule your consultation directly online.